2016 Slideshow

I had not planned this, but once again, it was two years since the last slideshow.... and again 2 years since my last post here.

Much of that is likely because I tend to post more on twitter and have a lot less time for lengthy posts. It used to take 3-4 hours per post here in the past. Its much easier to publish with twitter now.

Well as before, I spent over 40 hours of screen time creating this year's slideshow. There were over 40k photos I looked at to select the best ones. Pictures in the slideshow have been uploaded here: https://j-p.me/2016slideshowpics.

This year, however, I switched to using Spotify instead of Pandora for planning out the soundtrack. All of the candidate songs for the slideshow are in a playlist here: https://j-p.me/2016SlideshowMusic.

The longest part of preparing the slideshow is usually arranging the music, placing the images, and then setting all the transitions to match the music. That process took 3 days. I still think its worth it though because I like having these around to review later. I have gone back and reviewed past years and enjoyed them. See the 2014 post on this site for more detailed information for how I pic images and select/prepare the music. Finally, the direct link to the slideshow is here: https://j-p.me/Slideshow2016.

(Note: Depending on your internet connection speed, it make take some time after hitting play for the file to download.)


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