Slideshow 2010 is here…

It’s not the end of the year quite yet, but I already have more than enough pictures to make a decent slideshow, so I am cutting off the entries.

I learned a lot over the last 7 years of making these. Technically speaking with the music and the software and the encoding, etc; this is probably one of the better ones. However, I had quite the challenge trying to narrow down the music selection to only 6 songs that made the final cut. I hope everyone likes it.

I am posting this in a larger format than normal. In fact, its covering up some of the normal content on the right at the moment. However, the pictures are well worth it. In fact. I almost thought against posting this “web” version at all. The colors in this are all washed out and its somewhat blurry compared to the 1080p reference version I started with. However, I can’t quite let everyone stream a 1GB file from my site. So such are the tradeoffs of the web I suppose. Not all the pictures are uploaded to flickr yet, but most are. Also, I have not updated the slideshow site yet. This entry is your exclusive access. I will have download links closer to new years.

Enjoy! (Note: Depending on your internet connection speed, it make take some time after hitting play for the file to download.)

P.S. If you are reading this on Facebook, you will need to click “View Original Post” below to get the video.

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