Slideshow 2017

Looks like this space has been relegated to posting slideshow videos. I have mostly moved over to twitter for short sharing.

In 2017, we had a ton of travel, including our honeymoon. So, the slideshow last year is longer than any other year because of this.

Once again, there were more photos to sift through than ever before. I don't have the exact count. I started using Google Photos, so I don't get to see a starting count. I do know that my first cut had 1200 photos... which simply were way too many for a slideshow. I was able to cut these down to just over 200. Pictures in the slideshow have been uploaded here:

Once again, all of the candidate songs for the slideshow are in a spotify playlist here: As before, I spend just as long selecting and working on the music.

Finally, the direct link to the slideshow is here:

(Note: Depending on your internet connection speed, it make take some time after hitting play for the file to download.)


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